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Finest Hour | The Standard Issue 6B/159


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The 6B/159 was a wristwatch issued by the British Ministry of Defence to Royal Air Force (RAF) pilots during World War II.

RAF Pilot’s Watch Military Issue Numbers 6B/159

The 6B/159 was a wristwatch issued by the British Ministry of Defence to Royal Air Force (RAF) pilots during World War II. This watch became one of the most iconic and widely used timepieces among RAF aircrew, including Spitfire pilots. The 6B/159 watch was primarily issued to Royal Air Force (RAF) aircrew during World War II. This included pilots, navigators, bombardiers, and other essential flight personnel.

Why was the 6B/159 issued?

Fighter pilots used the 6B/159 watch as an essential tool for precise timekeeping, crucial for mission success and coordination. In the cockpit, these watches enabled pilots to synchronize their actions with other aircraft in their squadron. For example, during a formation flight or a coordinated attack, all pilots needed to execute maneuvers at the exact same time. The hacking feature of the 6B/159 allowed them to set their watches to the same second, ensuring perfect timing and reducing the risk of errors during complex operations.

Navigational accuracy was another critical aspect where the 6B/159 watch proved indispensable. Pilots relied on dead reckoning, a navigation method that uses a known position and calculates the current position based on speed, time, and direction. Accurate timekeeping was fundamental for these calculations. If a pilot knew their speed and heading, they could determine their position relative to the starting point, adjusting as necessary to stay on course. This was especially important during missions over open water or in poor visibility, where visual landmarks were scarce.

Who made them?

Longines & Omega

The 6B/159 watches were produced by several prestigious watch manufacturers, each known for their high-quality timepieces. One of the primary manufacturers was Omega, a Swiss company renowned for its precision and reliability. Omega's versions of the 6B/159 were particularly valued for their robustness and accuracy, which were essential qualities for military use. Their watches featured clear, easy-to-read dials with luminescent hands and numerals, ensuring visibility in various lighting conditions. Omega's reputation for producing durable and dependable watches made them a key supplier for the RAF.

Longines was another significant manufacturer of the 6B/159 watches. Like Omega, Longines was a Swiss company with a long history of producing accurate and reliable watches. Their 6B/159 models were similarly designed with functionality in mind, providing the essential features needed by pilots, such as a hacking seconds hand for synchronization and a sturdy construction to withstand the rigors of aerial combat. Longines' commitment to precision and quality made them a trusted source for these vital timepieces.


Jaeger-LeCoultre, also a Swiss watchmaker, contributed to the production of the 6B/159 watches. Known for their innovative designs and technical expertise, Jaeger-LeCoultre's versions of the 6B/159 were highly regarded. Their watches often included advanced features and movements that ensured exceptional performance and durability. The company's reputation for craftsmanship and innovation made their watches a valuable asset for RAF pilots who relied on precise timekeeping for navigation and mission coordination.

Perfectly Suited for the Job

The 6B/159 watch is a classic example of a military timepiece, designed with both functionality and durability in mind. The watch typically features a stainless steel case, which gives it a sturdy and robust feel, essential for the challenging conditions faced by RAF aircrew. The case size, generally around 30-33mm in diameter, is modest by modern standards but was standard for the era, providing a comfortable fit on the wrist without being cumbersome.

The dial of the 6B/159 is characterized by its simplicity and legibility, essential for quick and accurate reading in the cockpit. It has a matte black background, which contrasts sharply with the white Arabic numerals and minute markers. The numerals are large and evenly spaced, ensuring clarity at a glance. The hands are also designed for high visibility, typically painted with luminous material, which glows in low-light conditions, further aiding readability during night flights or in poor visibility.

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