Frequently Asked Questions

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General FAQs

Everyone need to know about the product and how it works. Can’t find answer? Chat with our team

Once logged in to the platform, you will see a link to list a watch. You will be able to complete the online form including the type of watch you’re looking to sell, reference & any other information & photographs. Once complete, the listing will come to the WatchWise team to be checked & approved for listing to our network of retailers. We will make contact with you to discuss the piece and give an idea of the initial asking price you may want to set.

Once you have confirmed you’re ready for the watch to go live, it will be shared with our network of reputable retailers on the platform for them to make offers on. Once you receive an offer, you will be able to review it and speak with the retailer directly through our live chat, and once you’re happy, you can choose to accept. The retailer will send you the details for the next step, and work with you to discuss getting the watch to them for inspection. Once the appropriate checks are complete by them, the funds will be sent to you the same day. A commission of 4% will be deducted from the agreed amount prior to your payout. Payouts are made to you the same day that we receive the funds from the retailer. It really couldn’t be easier!

There is no need to conceal the serial number on your watches. Only verified retailers from our trusted database will be able to view your watch listing. If you feel more comfortable doing so, we can assist with this.

Access to the Marketplace is open to vetted UK retailers only, operating from brick & mortar stores/serviced offices, with exceptional customer feedback & a history of positive reviews. As a private retailer, you are only able to list watches, much like any other seller.

WatchWise do not currently offer a courier service. Please arrange delivery/collection or drop-off with the retailer through our platform. We can however point you in the right direction if you wish to post yourself. We are always here to help!

For non-urgent queries and general feedback please contact info@watchwisemarketplace.co.uk – We are always happy to hear feedback on how we can improve the marketplace and your experience.

Currently the WatchWise Marketplace is only available to UK Customers & Retailers. We are working on international expansion as soon as possible to bring the marketplace to the rest of the worlds’ watch loving community. Contact us to register your interest today here.

Customer FAQs

Everyone need to know about the product and how it works. Can’t find answer? Chat with our team

Every retailer we have on the marketplace will have their own preferred option. Some may offer a collection service, whereby they arrange for the watch to be collected from you. Not all offer this, we suggest discussing this with the retailers who make offers. All retailers will be happy to meet in person, allowing you to drop the watch off for them to check over. You can also post the watch yourself, for which we can help and assist with any guidance.

At times, it’s easy to miss things, although it’s important to be as thorough as possible with the WatchWise team about your watch and it’s condition. This allows us to get the best, and most accurate offer possible. All offers from our reputable retailers are subject to checks once received. If a watch is found to be in a different condition to that described or shown in photographs, the retailer may reject your watch & send it back to you, or issue a revised offer. It will always be up to you to reject or accept any revised offer, or indeed to ask for the watch to be sent back to you for any reason prior to the retailer making payment.

Once an offer is accepted, the next steps are to discuss with the retailer how to get the watch to them. A DocuSign agreement will be sent to you upon acceptance of an offer from the WatchWise team, this is for us to take information and forms of ID to keep it a safe and trustworthy place.

Watches on our platform are not available or visible to the public for purchase. That being said, you’ll quickly come to realise that we are hobbyists and will happily help you with purchasing, pointing you in the right direction of some great retailers!

You may receive offers anywhere from a few minutes to hours to a several days after your listing goes live, depending on the competitiveness of your initial asking price. At times, an offer may not be received, but this is where the WatchWise team will work with you to sort this. The decision to sell your watch will be yours regardless of the offers you receive.

WatchWise is a safe place. Correspondence between the seller and the retailer is recorded and can be referenced if needed. We strongly advise that correspondence be kept on the platform. Our ability to help with dispute resolution is severely compromised if correspondence is made with the dealer outside of our platform.

It’s quick! Once you have spoken to a WatchWise team member, we can make the listing go live.

Certainly! We have lots of retailers on our platform, with many specialising in a certain brand. The best thing about WatchWise is it goes out to them all, allowing you to accept the best one for that particular watch.

Once the checks have been completed, the retailer sends the funds to WatchWise for us to deduct our fee and pass on to yourself. We send all payments same day they are received, offering a quick turnaround time!

We recommend using the best camera quality images possible, which is normally most modern smart phones! A bit of good lighting (windowsills are great) and your be good to go. The more pictures, the better! We have made a handy guide Image Guide here.

Our network of verified retailers have a history of exceptional feedback – You can be sure that every offer you receive is from a verified pre-owned watch retailer with a history of trading. We regularly check feedback and are in communication with all of our retailers often. For added peace of mind, most retailers have Trustpilot and Google Review pages to view.

You are not obligated to accept any offer from any retailer. It is always down to the seller to give final refusal of sale, regardless of offer amount. If however, you wish to exit from an agreement with one of our retailers after accepting an offer, please let them or us know either by the online chat function or by emailing us directly at info@watchwisemarketplace.co.uk

Yes, you can sell Rolex and other Luxury brands. ! All luxury brands including Rolex are welcome on the platform. You can see a full list of the brands we recommend selling on the WatchWise platform here. If you’re unsure if your watch is suitable for the platform, please get in touch & we will be happy to assist.

We understand things change. Get in touch with the WatchWise team at the earliest opportunity to discuss the issue further. We have a lot of experience in the procurement of watches & often, issues concerning the sale of your watch are due to something we can help to remedy.

Retailers FAQs

Everyone need to know about the product and how it works. Can’t find answer? Chat with our team

No. The Marketplace does not charge any commission for B2B Trades. Our platform is designed for retailers and B2B trades – We do not charge a commission or any fee for these trades. Please keep details of B2B trades within the live chat function of the platform.

WatchWise is a safe place. Like with our private Clients, Correspondence between the seller and the retailer is recorded and can be referenced in the event of a dispute. Retailers Must keep correspondence on the platform. Our ability to help with dispute resolution is severely compromised if correspondence is made with the retailer outside of our platform.

WatchWise is here to protect the seller as well as our network of Quality trusted retailers. Due to our strict quality policies, which are in place for the safety of everyone.

If a seller (Private Client) has contacted you privately, Retailers must respond to their message within our platform for your safety. Our private sellers are familiar with our rules policies & will not contact you outside of the platform.

Retailers are welcome to follow any of their normal procurement processes inclusive of collection/drop-off. There is no requirements with regard to the transportation of the watch so long as there is a record of proof of delivery.

WatchWise Marketplace currently operate with the UK only. We are working to promote the platform internationally as fast as possible. Please register your interest with us as soon as possible to ensure you’re one of the first international retailers on the platform.

With our specialist B2B marketplace, you can be sure of a vast range of Brands including retailers looking to sell their old Rolex stock, and customers wishing to sell their pre-owned Rolex watches.