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Established in 2023 by Tristan, Jay, and Mark, our passion for timepieces dates back many years. Tristan’s fascination ignited in 2013 with the acquisition of a remarkable Maurice Lacroix Masterpiece MP6439, while Jay joined the aficionados more recently with the timeless Tag Heuer WK1110 diver’s watch. Mark looks back to the days of his first watch, a Rolex Submariner. Back then, it had a retail price of £2,500!

Our journey into the world of watches stemmed from a genuine love for the craft. As avid collectors, we found ourselves regularly welcoming new timepieces into our collections, prompting the need for a seamless solution to part ways with our cherished pieces. Initially starting as retailers, we flourished and cultivated enduring partnerships within the industry. It was a gratifying experience, transforming our hobby into a guilt-free business venture, where acquiring watches became a pleasure.

WatchWise emerged from our firsthand encounters with the challenges of selling watches. We envisioned a more efficient and user-friendly platform, drawing upon our own experiences as collectors.

Our platform serves a dual purpose: assisting customers in selling their watches while also facilitating collaboration among retailers, enabling them to showcase their catalogues to a broader audience of reputable retailers.

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Whether mainstream or smaller independent brands, we love them all.

Throughout our time within the watch industry, we have had the opportunity to own an incredibly diverse collection - From Rolex to Nomos & Ming. Speaking with one of our team, you'll quickly see how watches are our passion.


For The Retailers

We get it - Its not always possible to have the right watches in stock. WatchWise was engineered for Retailers.

It can be frustrating not having a watch in stock that your cherished customer is enquiring on - You can only hold so many in stock at any one time. The WatchWise Marketplace allows you to list your stock in perpetuity, ready for a fellow retailer to enquire on. You'll also be able to view and make offers on watches owned by other verified retailers, vastly expanding your stock offering


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