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Bremont Watches: The Ultimate Drivers Watch?


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Racing & Bremont Watches

In 1953, racing legend Duncan Hamilton beat team mate Stirling Moss & others of the fastest of their age to victory in the 24 Hours of Le Mans. 60 Years on, Bremont Watches created the Jaguar C-Type brandishing the reference C-TYPE-SS-BK-R-S, featured Below. Those who love Bremont will know the name is synonymous with Aviation, Motorsport, steeped in English Heritage. They are the only Luxury Watchmaker to bear the heraldic symbols and badges of the UK Armed forces.

Courtesy: Mainspring Watches UK

Bremont Watches was founded by two brothers, Nick and Giles English in Henley Upon Thames in 2002. Both had a deep rooted passion for Engineering, Aviation & Motorsport. Hand built in limited numbers, Bremont is one of several luxury watchmakers befitting of the wrist on the motorsport connoisseur.

What's behind you doesn't matter.

— Enzo Ferrari

Where does the name Bremont come from?

In the late 1990's, the brothers were flying their 1930's era aircraft from Britain over France, when engine troubled forced them to make an emergency landing in a field on a French farm. After being greeted by the French farmer, the brothers were overwhelmed by his hospitality and knowledge in engineering - The farmer even flew aircraft in the war & offered to keep the pairs' stricken aircraft in one of his barns. The brothers' promised his hospitality would not be forgotten, and in 2002, named the company Bremont, its' namesake after the farmer, Antoine Bremont.

Bremont & Partners

Bremont Watches work closely with partners such as Martin Baker (Which may be recognised as the worldwide leader in ejection seats for fighter aircraft), Rolls-Royce, Jaguar, & the Williams F1 Racing Team. These close connections give Bremont access to some of the worlds most innovative technologies & develop watches with in-house movements to commemorate & showcase some of Britains' proudest achievements. One could argue that a watch collector without a Bremont, is like a chef without a grill - Sure, there are plenty of dishes a chef could make in an oven, but without a grill, the vibrant repertoire of possibilities is greatly diminished.

Pairing Bremont watches & Driving

Given the above, whatever preconceived notions you had of the brand, and I admit, the company's short tenure had me in disbelief that such a young company could even attempt to represent in their watches, brands of such heritage, Bremont do seem to be taking to their niche with incredible efficacy. Picture if you will, a gentleman (Or woman!) faced with the daily conundrum that most of us watch lovers are plagued with: What watch should I wear today?

Compound the issue with the theme of the day, perhaps a Sunday drive up Box Hill, a situation which in times past, could be remedied by the selection of a vintage Omega or classic Submariner (Bond Style!) However, nothing seems to fit so well, in my mind at least, as a rally-strapped Bremont - Complete with, dare I say - Some accompanying driving gloves & suitable roadster to match.

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