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WatchWise Retailers: A Purchasing Platform Designed Around You.


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Listings from Individuals & Trade. Free B2B transactions. Instant Communication. Everything you need in one place.

Sell Your Watches B2B, Commission-Free.

Our Marketplace is transparent and cost-effective. Our B2B trades are free of any selling fees or commission. Selling pre-owned watches is often about availability - Your client may have a very specific idea of what they want, or you may indeed have a list of watches that they're looking for. Furthermore, personal clients wishing to sell their pre-owned watches are often overwhelmed by the number of options they have when selling to trade. The WatchWise platform allows them to create a listing, visible only to verified UK retailers.

Image and written content are for illustrative purposes only. WatchWise Features an intuitive Dashboard for Retailers.

Listings from Trade, and Individuals, all in one place.

The Marketplace features listings differentiated from individual sellers, and businesses. You'll be able to search and discover a large range of watches to make offers on, and communicate in real-time with sellers. Furthermore, our live chat function allows for offers to be amended, and enables swift negotiations between parties.

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Communicate Instantly & Get The Deal Done.

WatchWise allows seamless and instant communication between sellers and buyers. Timing can be a critical factor when purchasing pre-owned watches, our beautiful and intuitive layout was carefully thought out and engineered specifically around our dealers, to ensure no opportunity is missed. Our passion for Communication is embedded not only in the marketplace, but in our very ethos. Our team is always ready to help.

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Full Selling Control. Total Visibility

Retailers and private sellers alike have full control of their received offers on a per-watch basis. Whilst private individuals won't have access to the marketplace, they will have access to their own listings. Our incredibly intuitive and easy to understand platform will ensure that the offers you make on a watch get seen by the sellers. Sellers will have the option to contact you directly for a more bespoke valuation.

Receive an offer and communicate effortlessly. Image and written content are for illustrative purposes only.

Read & learn more about how the WatchWise Platform Can Help Your Business and Private Individuals Looking To Sell Luxury Watches

Looking to sell your watch for the best price? List your pre-owned luxury watch on the WatchWise Marketplace today.

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