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Watchwise Marketplace is the best place to sell pre-owned luxury watches.


The Watchwise Marketplace is the best place to sell pre-owned luxury watches. Our retailers comprise the very best & biggest from across the UK. They will be able to give sellers their best price for pre-owned watches in a safe, secure & friendly environment. Offers from our list of verified retailers are valid for anywhere between 24hrs to 10 days, which is set at the retailers discretion.

The Marketplace

The Marketplace is visible only to verified UK watch retailers with exceptional customer feedback & with accessible customer-facing stores or office(s). Only our retail partners can access and purchase watches on the marketplace. Private sellers can access their listing(s) only through their secure seller dashboard.

Private Sellers on WatchWise

Sellers can chat with a representative from any retailer that makes an offer on your watch. Sellers are free to list as little or as many watches as they like on our platform. A small commission from the payout will be deducted as the arrangement fee.

Retail Partners

As one of our verified retail partners, you will be joining a verified network of the UK's best retailers. You will have full access to the marketplace upon verification & vetting.

Retail partners can provide offers on watches from both private sellers, who have listed with us on the WatchWise Marketplace & our other retail partners. There are no commission fees for B2B trades between retailers.

Payment Terms

Retailers will issue payment for the watch in full to WatchWise upon receipt of the watch, pending checks for authenticity & stolen goods searches. Payouts to the seller are same-day. A small commission is deducted from the sellers' payout prior to the transfer of funds as an arrangement fee. Retailers buying the watch will be invoiced their arrangement fee separately.

WatchWise do not facilitate payment for B2B trades between retailers. Retailers will upload their own invoices & payment remittance via the online chat function. The WatchWise Marketplace is designed to be a safe & secure environment.

Posting the Watch

Our retail partners are fully vetted, so you can rest easy. We check company records & ensure they have a permanent presence at an established brick & mortar head office/store. Watches must be dispatched fully insured and tracked. Some retailers have their own preferred courier service. It is important to keep tracking numbers and receipts. Above all, we are committed to safety & security.

Become a WatchWise Retail Partner

We are currently taking partner applications. Please email us at info@watchwisemarketplace.co.uk so that we can begin your onboarding.

WatchWise will launch at the close of January 2024. We look forward to welcoming you.

Are you a Retailer? Read & learn more about how the WatchWise Platform Can Help Your Business and Private Individuals Looking To Sell Luxury Watches

Become a verified UK retailer now.

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