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What should I do if my watch is stolen?


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In the unfortunate event that your watch is stolen, follow these steps to enhance the chances of recovery and justice.


Today, we find ourselves exploring a situation that can be both distressing and disheartening – the theft of a cherished possession, in this case, a watch. In the unfortunate event that your watch is stolen, it's crucial to follow a series of important steps to enhance the chances of recovery and justice. From involving local authorities to leveraging technological features, this guide will walk you through the proactive measures that can be taken. Join me as we delve into the essential actions to be undertaken when faced with the unfortunate circumstance of a stolen watch.

Keep Records.

On top of the following steps, it's important to keep some things in mind and hold information in the unfortunate event that your watch is stolen or lost. These include:

  • Copies of the original Receipt
  • Paperwork such as Warranty Card (Even if expired) that shows the serial number of the watch.
  • Photographs. Take detailed photographs of your watch every few months. Blemishes and marks can serve as identifying features.

1. Report it.

Of course, this step may go without saying, but it is always worth repeating. Report the loss Immediately to the local police, providing them with a detailed description of the stolen watch. Include any distinctive features, brand, model, and if available, the serial number. The sooner law enforcement is informed, the higher the chances of recovering the watch.

Be sure to register the loss also, on The Watch Register. Most Pre-Owned watch retailers will check TWR before making a purchase.

In the unfortunate event that your watch is stolen, follow these steps to enhance the chances of recovery and justice.

2. Insured? Let your insurance company know.

Notify your insurance company, if your watch is insured, about the theft and file a claim. Present them with a copy of the police report, as well as any other documentation they may require. Insurance coverage can help you recover the monetary value of the watch, so prompt communication is essential.

3. Notify the retailer.

Inform the watch manufacturer or the retailer where you purchased the watch. Retailers might have the ability to flag the stolen watch in their system, making it more challenging for the thief to sell or service the timepiece without raising suspicion. Retailers also very often network with each other. No retailer wants to purchase a stolen watch.

4. Monitor Online Marketplaces.

Keep a vigilant eye on online platforms such as auction websites and classified ad sites. Search for your watch and report any listings that match its description to the police. Thieves often attempt to sell stolen items online, and your watch may surface on these platforms. Look for identifying features on your watch, and note down any items that match. It's important to not accuse or engage with the seller, but to report them to the police.

5. Be cautious of personal information

If your watch is a smartwatch, it may contain personal information, change passwords and deactivate sensitive features linked to the device. This precautionary measure helps safeguard your personal data and prevents unauthorized access or use.

Remain vigilant and regularly check for updates from law enforcement. If you come across any information or leads regarding the stolen watch, promptly share them with the police. Ongoing communication and cooperation will enhance the chances of successful recovery.

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