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Where is the best place to sell your second hand watch?


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Are you looking to part ways with your watch and turn it into cash? Whether you're upgrading to a new timepiece, releasing funds for an important occasion, or simply decluttering, the process of selling your watch can be seamless and rewarding if you choose the right platform. In this guide, we'll explore the best place to sell your watch and provide valuable selling tips to maximise your success.

ebay | Selling your watch on the auction powerhouse

ebay can be a powerful tool when selling your watch directly to the pre-owned retail market & can often attract the best price for your watch. There are thousands of watch fanatics trawling ebay for great deals on pre-owned watches. Many pre-owned luxury watch retailers start out selling watches on auction sites such as ebay.

One of the many benefits of selling your watch on larger platforms such as ebay is the sheer exposure and large amount of interaction with potential buyers that such a well respected site such as ebay will generate. Another great benefit is the addition of eBay's authentication service from watch experts Stoll & Co.

Given the above, for many, it may seem like eBay is the best place to sell your watch, however, watch sales via eBay can be frustrated by a number of factors including watch returns, questions from buyers (Sometimes in the early hours!), non-payment, scammers, & time - It can take a long time to find the right buyer who will give you an an acceptable offer for your watch. If you're looking for a quick stress-free sale, we'd recommend perhaps having another think.

Chrono24 & Other Watch Retail Marketplaces

Chrono24 have built a sturdy reputation around customer service & variety when it comes to the selection of watches on their platform. Their worldwide reach and focused watch niche makes it a very attractive secondary port of call for the best place to sell your watch. We at WatchWise Marketplace feel Chrono24 is less of a 'race to the bottom' when it comes to selling your watch - What we mean by this, is that where eBay is filled with bargain hunters (And there is certainly nothing wrong with that!) and Chrono24 is filled mores with buyers looking to purchase a specific watch, or with a more realistic budget in mind for that perfect timepiece.

With this in mind, the most value you can expect to receive when selling your watch as a private seller, is often in selling via Chrono24, or holding out for the right buyer on eBay. Chrono24 however, as with other such marketplace sites, is still plagued by the issues faced with those of sellers on eBay, such as watch returns, questions, non-payment, and those attempting to scam or steal the watch from you.

WatchWise Marketplace | The Best Place To Sell Your Watch

Selling on the WatchWise Marketplace is fundamentally different. Our listings are not made available to the general public - The Marketplace is visible and accessible only to vetted, trusted & genuine retail partners of the highest quality and customer feedback. Our partners include the biggest pre-owned watch retailers in the UK. Serving our retail and corporate customers this way, ensures that we are protecting the watch market and the value of your watches from a market based solely upon price.

Your watch listing, on our platform, will be visible to the UK's best watch retailers. You'll receive offers from highly respected & reputable retailers, with no obligation to sell at any price - Simply accept the offer that is right for you. No more chasing around for the best price - We've covered it.

The benefits of this are huge - The best price, guaranteed fast and secure payment for your watch, no returns, no hassle, low fees, a safe environment & best-in-class customer service.

WatchWise Marketplace will be ready to start accepting watch listings in January 2024. Register your interest today as a private seller or retail partner here.


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